“Some places in life are so dark and humiliating, we vow never to share them with anyone…”

Angela, a quiet girl, grew up surrounded by lush vegetation and natural beauty in a small village in Barbados. Her mother, Geraldine, was her very best friend. As Angela came of age, she eagerly pursued a life in the United States, but this quest began a cascade of heartbreaking events that propelled her into the arms of an abusive husband. Separated from Geraldine and all alone, Angela suffered for years in silence.

In Letters to Mama: All the Things I Never Said, Angela invites readers to eavesdrop on a series of deeply personal revelations she wished she had the courage to share with her beloved mother. Angela explores how her earliest memory of tragedy informed her perspectives and actions throughout her adult life. Through these reflections, Angela considers how differently things might have been if she had the bravery to tell her mother the reality of her circumstances.

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