“Some places in life are so dark and humiliating, we vow never to share them with anyone…”

Angela, a quiet girl, grew up surrounded by lush vegetation and natural beauty in a small village in Barbados. Her mother, Geraldine, was her very best friend. As Angela came of age, she eagerly pursued a life in the United States, but this quest began a cascade of heartbreaking events that propelled her into the arms of an abusive husband. Separated from Geraldine and all alone, Angela suffered for years in silence.

In Letters to Mama: All the Things I Never Said, Angela invites readers to eavesdrop on a series of deeply personal revelations she wished she had the courage to share with her beloved mother. Angela explores how her earliest memory of tragedy informed her perspectives and actions throughout her adult life. Through these reflections, Angela considers how differently things might have been if she had the bravery to tell her mother the reality of her circumstances.

Heartbreaking and Uplifting

“I have been waiting to read this book for weeks. It’s a short memoir detailing Angela’s journey in the US after leaving Barbados. It is well written and really takes you on a journey. A must read, especially for people experiencing domestic violence, immigrants to the US from the Caribbean, or any person who had unspoken words to a loved one. Very well done!”


“The book is an easy read. I couldn’t put the book down. A story of tremendous courage, strength and the will to perseverance. Being in an abusive marriage and the struggle to survive and love and protect three young children.”

A must read for everyone

“This is a must read for everyone. I could not stop reading. As a mental health professional and a woman, this book speaks on the different levels of domestic violence and substance abuse (a well needed conversation we need to have since many are struggling in these areas). It allows others to know they are not alone and can survive. Your truth came across vividly. Thank you for sharing!”

A true unsung hero to many, now even more to me

“I couldn’t put this book down from the second I picked it up until I finally realized the tears falling from my eyes. This is when I realized, this book was written by a truly brave unsung hero to many, including me. Angela, I’m so happy you shared your story with us all. This has already helped and will continue to help so many in their journey to heal. I know it will help in mine. Bravo!!!”

All the THINGS I wish I Could Say…

“I am so happy and honored that I had the pleasure of reading this book. It’s an honor to know Angela U Carter as my pastor & mentor. As a domestic violence survivor this book touched my heart on many different personal levels. It is hard at times to see what our loved ones are going through and this book really shows how hard it is. This is a book that every teen, adult, male and female needs to read. This book has truly been a blessing to read…”

Fascinating Story! Creative and Well Written

“I read this book in one sitting. It kept me wanting to know what would happen next. I liked that the author told the story via letters. Very creative.”

Heartbreaking and Heartfelt True Story Everyone Should Read

“Letters to Ma Mama: All the Things I Never Said by Angela U. Carter is a heartbreaking and heartfelt true account of a young woman who migrated to the United States in search of the American Dream. Rather than finding happiness, she found herself entrenched in an always destructive and often violent marriage. Her compelling story is easy to read, and offers both an important lesson and the inspiration of hope. Everyone should read this story. There is so much to learn what from Angela Carter endured and overcame.”

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